Mylapore, also known as Thirumayilai, is derived from ‘Mayil arparikum oor’, which means ‘Land of the peacock call’. Mylapore is known as the birth place of Thiruvalluvar, the Tamil sage of the Sangam period and the author of many popular Tamil aphorisms, Thirukkural. It is a hub of both art and religion. A great blend of the modern and the traditional. A locality that features modern trends yet shines bright with its vibrant history. The neighborhood has evolved beautifully and has welcomed the label of modernization. Even as classical music now blends with new jazzy beats, and traditional dances adorn an international flavor, Mylapore has retained the flavor of ancient sweetness and has gracefully accepted modernity in its own unique style. Ishan is a symbol of this iconic fusion and it certainly emanates the celebration of this fusion through its tastefully built architecture.

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